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Making Space for What You Love Through Senior Living

Seniors downsizing

In recent years, living a minimalist lifestyle — where people get rid of unneeded and unused possessions, giving themselves more space and time to focus on what they want to do — has gained popular attention. While on the surface it may just look like getting rid of things, there are some real benefits to minimalism for seniors that can make every aspect of life happier, lighter and more enjoyable. One way to reduce your responsibilities and increase your possibilities is by downsizing to a senior living community like Essex Meadows.

Benefits of Minimalism for Seniors

  • Cha-ching: You could turn unused or unwanted items into experiences you’ll remember forever. Selling could give you extra money to save for the future, go on a vacation, or treat your family to something special.
  • Stress less: A home with less in it is easier to clean and maintain, providing fewer distractions and fewer things to worry about if you want to take an extended vacation.
  • Focal point: Having fewer, higher-quality items simplifies your lifestyle and provides a proper stage for items important to you to be seen and enjoyed.
  • Streamline: Removing and selling or donating old opens up your living space and creates clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. If you do decide to move, 
  • Simplify: Whatever you don’t deal with or go through, someone else will have to. Going through your stuff now saves your children or friends from having to do it. Plus, you can ensure the items you want to leave behind in your will are still there.
  • Think smaller: Downsizing to a rightsized home at a senior living community will be less time-consuming when you have fewer items to sort through and pack. Plus, a smaller space will make it easier to stick to your new lifestyle goals.

How to Simplify, Declutter and Downsize

  • Start a list: Tabulate all the things that you own. (Don’t forget all the items you have in storage or in your garage.) As you make your list, keep an eye out for duplicate items. 
  • Sorting zone: Dedicate a space for your sorting process and slowly go through things. You can start with stuff in seldom-used areas of your home, then go through Items you know you may be emotionally attached toward the end. 
  • Trash/sell/donate: Get a few large bins and label them “Keep,” “Share,” “Donate,” “Recycle,” and “Trash” and sort your items accordingly.
  • Be timely: One way to quickly sort your items is with the “12-month test.” If you haven’t used something in a year or more, the chances are it isn’t that important. 
  • Get tricky: With clothing it can be hard to remember what you wore when. One solution is the “hanger trick.” Turn all your hangers around, so your clothes are facing backwards. After a set amount of time — that you set— any clothes that are still facing backwards can be safely thrown away or donated.
  • Tick-tock: You didn’t collect all this stuff overnight and downsizing will take some time too. Rather than trying to do everything at once, set a timer for 45 minutes and try to complete a specific task — clear a bookcase, sort one pile of clothes, etc. 
  • Phone a friend: Consider inviting your friends over to help you. It’s a great way to reconnect, reminisce and declutter.
  • Scan what you can: An important part of making space is deciding what to do with all the paper you have in your life. School art projects, legal papers, tickets stubs, birthday cards. Consider scanning everything and storing it on a hard drive or online. That way, if you ever need it, you can easily recover it. 

Minimize Your Obligations. Maximize Your Possibilities.

At Essex Meadows, our maintenance-free lifestyle will help you live with less stress and more confidence for the future. Plus, our continuum of on-site care means you won’t have to worry about many of life’s what-ifs. If you’re considering joining the minimalism for seniors movement by making a move to Essex Meadows, check out our floor plan options. To learn more about everything our community has to offer you, contact us here.