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Essex Meadows Residents Play Role in Saving Nature Preserve

A group of residents and staff members at Essex Meadows has played its role in ensuring a local nature preserve, and the more than 1,000 acres it sits on, will never be used for commercial or residential development. They’ve accomplished this by raising awareness, and civic minded residents, staff, and owners contributed more than $200,000 for conservation, recreation, and habitat protection.  They hope their efforts encourage others to get involved.

The Preserve, as it’s known in the area, is the last large swath of unprotected coastal forest between New York City and Boston, and it borders the back property line of Essex Meadows. The Preserve is comprised of 38 vernal pools and 114 acres of wetlands, as well as other diverse landscape.  The dense forest acts as a refueling stop for many migratory birds. Now that the land has been saved from future development, it will be enjoyed by current and future generations for recreational activities.

Jennifer Rannestad, Essex Meadows Executive Director, says the push the residents made to raise funds for keeping The Preserve intact is a testament to the community’s spirit.