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Everyone at Essex Meadows Loves Her

Featuring Jeriza Teixiera

Image of Jeriza Teixeira of Essex Meadows.

After a few years she conquered the formal serving techniques and became familiar with all our residents. Using all these talents, she was asked to help at the Podium as a hostess. After overcoming some major reluctance to take the position, Jeriza has become the Lead Server and permanent Hostess of the dining room.

Renee says that “pleasing people is Jeriza’s main purpose… to make people happy.” Her demeanor is easy going and accommodating in every way possible. She knows the ordering habits of most of the residents and takes it upon herself to call those who tend to forget about meals to make sure they get something to eat. Jeriza has set the bar high for new hostesses and servers. However, there is no jealousy or envy from the Front-of-the-House staff, “because everybody loves her.”
She lives in Madison with her husband Nick of 14 years, his son Nicky 21 and their 8-year-old daughter Gabby. She is fiercely devoted to her family and faithfully keeps in touch with her other large family, located throughout the world, through social media and correspondence. Her parents hear from her often while still living in Bayawan City in the Philippines.

We are honored to have Jeriza working here and are privileged to know her. I know everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting or working with Jeriza wishes her all the best for the future.
Soft spoken, friendly, extremely polite, exceptionally courteous, incredibly knowledgeable, modest to a fault, always helpful, and has the patience of a saint. These are some of the wonderful phrases used by staff and residents alike in describing our dining room hostess Jeriza Teixeira. Never flustered or unnerved, Jeriza is in complete control of handling both the phone and in-person reservations, food orders or random inquiries at the Podium.

Essex Meadows was the first job Jeriza acquired after moving to Connecticut directly from the Philippines. Our dining room manager, Renee Evarts, knew from the beginning interview that she would be “a hard worker and dedicated.” Job references were a little difficult for Renee to track down as they were all in her home country of the Philippines! But Jeriza took to the tasks of becoming a server with gusto and unending energy.