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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Senior couple doing yoga together

Falls can be painful and expensive for older adults who experience them. Each year, 1 of 4 adults 65 and older suffer a fall, and over 800,000 of those people are hospitalized, according to the CDC. 

There are a lot of easy steps you can take to prevent falls from happening. Continue reading this blog post for some simple fall prevention tips that will also promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Fall Prevention Exercises

One of the most prevalent risk factors attributed to seniors suffering a fall is lower body weakness. A regular schedule of exercise can go a long way toward lowering the chance of falling. 

Strength and balance exercises will make your legs stronger, and make you steadier on your feet. The CDC recommends something like yoga, which is low-impact. Something as simple as practicing getting up from a chair at a dining table will also build lower body strength, and can be done in the comfort of home. 

Essex Meadows offers numerous group and personal training fitness classes that promote lower body strength and general well-being, all important to helping prevent senior falls. 

Nutrition and Fall Prevention

Eating right and ensuring the body gets the correct nutrition and vitamins will not only strengthen the body, but also promote a well-balanced lifestyle.

Protein is a vital part of everyone’s diet, no matter what their age is. It builds and repairs muscle fibers that are lost more frequently in older age. Nutritionists at the Mayo Clinic suggest anywhere from 10% to 35% of calories should come from protein. 

Calcium and vitamin D promote bone and muscle health. Dairy products and dark leafy greens contain calcium, while vitamin D can be found in fatty fish and fortified products like milk.

The culinary team at Essex Meadows prepares fresh-cooked meals that promote healthy living, ensuring that the diet of residents is well-balanced.

Check Medications for Side Effects That Could Lead to Falls

If you or a loved one takes medication every day, it’s important to monitor any side effects that may occur. Medications that cause dizziness or sleepiness could potentially cause unsteadiness, leading to a fall.

The National Council on Aging also says to be aware of over-the-counter medications that may contain sleep aids, which could lead to balance issues and dizziness. 

Essex Meadows is proud to offer medication management and monitoring as part of our assisted living and skilled nursing services, to ensure all medications are taken safely. 

Eye Exams Can Prevent Falls

Believe it or not, eye health can play a role in fall prevention. Poor vision could lead to a misstep when traveling down some stairs or tripping over some clutter. If you or a loved one wears glasses, make sure the prescription is up to date and glasses are always nearby.

Bifocals can also cause distortions in vision, dizziness or headaches. It may be a better option to wear glasses with one optic power when moving around the home or participating in activity, and switching to bifocals once stationary. Talk to your doctor to see what options you may have when it comes to corrective lens type in your glasses. 

Make Home Safer to Move Around In

If you want to know how to prevent falls in your home, there are a number of small modifications you can make that result in a world of difference. 

Ensure all main walkways are clear of clutter or other things that can become tripping hazards. Small rugs that are not non-slip should be removed, or taped down with double-sided tape. Place non-slip mats in the shower or bathtub, and install grab bars inside and out of the bathing area.

Senior Fall Prevention at Essex Meadows

Essex Meadow is a retirement community that offers a number of services that promote a holistic approach to health.. Our 104-acre campus has tons of amenities and activities to enjoy on-site, and is located just minutes from the Atlantic shoreline. Contact us today to learn about what it is like to be a resident.