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“It is our pleasure to take you where you need to be.”

Featuring Geoffrey Souter and Marc Phelan


Geoffrey Souter has been working as a driver in the Essex Meadows Transportation Department since April of 2015. After a long corporate career in technical manufacturing, in which he drove numerous miles each week, Geoffrey decided to try his hand at driving the 9 Town Transit Bus. This lasted four years until he heard from a friend that Essex Meadows was launching transportation services for its residents. The rest is history, as he has been here for six and a half years and absolutely loves his job. Geoffrey says, “My job here is fun! The residents make this all work because of their positive attitudes. Driving the residents is a partnership. My priority is safety for all and then comes the fun.”


In Geoffrey’s time away from Essex Meadows he enjoys gardening and spending time with his siblings and numerous nieces and nephews, including his three great nieces and one great nephew. Marc Phelan is in his fifth year working in the Transportation Department at Essex Meadows. After a long career in advertising and while looking for something different, Marc ran into Alan Sedlock (who was at the time employed as a driver by Essex Meadows). Alan told him how wonderful it was to work at Essex Meadows and that the food was terrific, so Marc went ahead and applied to be a driver. Marc says, “I have met so many wonderful and interesting people these past five years. I enjoy interacting with people and driving them gives real quality time to talk and get to know people.”


In Marc’s spare time he enjoys cooking and taking walks with his wife and little dog, Raffles. Raffles was named after a 1939 movie about an amateur cracksman. Marc enjoys watching old movies and, in the kitchen, you name it he can make it, including homemade salad dressings and soups. Marc also enjoys riding and fixing up his motorcycles and corvette. He rides along the local back roads into Chester and to the other side of the river. Marc has always enjoyed driving all kinds of vehicles. If it’s on wheels, he is interested!


When speaking with Marc recently, he said, “I am proud to be a part of the team at Essex Meadows. I feel more appreciated these past few years than my entire career in advertising. Essex Meadows is such a wonderful organization.”