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Resident Satisfaction 2015

We have completed and received the results of our latest Resident Satisfaction Survey, and the results are very good with some exceptional highlights.  As in past surveys, there are always areas that can and will be improved upon.

We had an 89 percent response.  I want to thank everyone who participated.  Your answers to the questionnaire will assist us in planning the direction Essex Meadows will take in the next two years to provide better services to you.

Overall satisfaction with Essex Meadows is 96 percent.

To What Extent Are Your Expectations Being Met?  92 percent said that Essex Meadows consistently exceeds or usually exceeds their expectations.

Likelihood to Recommend Essex Meadows –  98 percent will most likely or absolutely recommend

Overall Satisfaction with Hospitality of Staff – 98 percent (perhaps the highest of all LCS communities, but we won’t know until all the 2015 surveys are in).

After reading the General Opinions and Suggestions, as in years past, the friendliness of residents and staff really stands out.  And this is what makes Essex Meadows unique compared to other LCS communities – that feeling of family.

To quote a resident when asked what do you like most about Essex Meadows?  “The relationship between administration, staff, and residents.  There is an unusual warmth, respect, and friendliness between all of us which is very special.”

Over the next month, Department Directors will be reviewing your comments and making up a strategic plan to better their departments taking into account your needs and suggestions.  I will review the results of the survey in more depth at the August Resident Update Meeting.

In September, we will hold a Strategic Planning Session at which Management, Department Heads, Department Supervisors, and Resident Council Members will discuss the Survey, each Departments Strategic Plan, and the future goals for Essex Meadows.

Our main objective is to continue to improve Essex Meadows services to our residents, and continue to move forward with the times.

Thank you again for your input – you are a key component in what makes Essex Meadows great!

Jennifer H. Rannestad – Executive Director