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Thank You to Our Team Members

Thank You to Our Team Members

For the Essex Meadows Administration the health and safety of residents and staff has always been a concern. This concern, made paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic, was eased knowing we had a dedicated Environmental Services team ready to help face the virus and its many challenges.

Essex Meadows was very fortunate to have Sharon DeGroat step into the role of Interim Environmental Services Director just as the onset of COVID began. “Sharon is the epitome of hospitality. No job is too big or too small and you can always count on her to jump in with the greatest of enthusiasm” said Jennifer Rannestad, Executive Director. Sharon fit in seamlessly and officially assumed the role of Director in June.

COVID-19 required a shift of assignments and a basic rebuilding of normal day-to-day activities. Intensive cleanings of the common areas began, and the staff worked diligently to provide a safe space to live and work.

Alyce Davis and Hani Hamou, Environmental Services team members, volunteered to work on the COVID-19 wing. Often working overtime to ensure there was always coverage, these individuals went above and beyond. They thoroughly cleaned rooms and disposed of trash which was increased by the large amount of used personal protective equipment. While learning and managing the ever changing DPH standards and guidelines, these staff members continually held a positive outlook. Sharon’s depth of knowledge, adaptability, positivity, and commitment has helped the Environmental Services department excel in these challenging months.

“My experience working on the COVID-19 wing was amazing. We all worked so well together; stepping out of our traditional roles, to do whatever needed to be done. It was all for one and one for all — a Three Musketeers mentality, but with more than three people.” — Alyce Davis

Endless thanks to Sharon, Alyce, and Hani for your continued commitment to Essex Meadows. We are proud to have you as members of our team!