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Any Job Big or Small, They Do It All!

Featuring Dana Caldwell, John Driscoll, Ted Francois, and Dave Gometz

Image of Essex Meadow's team members: John, Dave, Dana & Ted.

Numerous work orders pour into the front desk every day. The requests vary in size and run the gamut of complexity. The front desk diligently enters all calls into WorxHub, a software program used to catalog and track requests, and from there the work orders are distributed by the supervisor, Karen McLean, to the crew – Dana, John, Ted, and Dave. Factors such as skill set, resident preference, and the overall schedule are considered when the work orders are dispatched. Soon thereafter is, a knock at the door, a friendly hello and then next thing you know… it’s fixed! Any job big or small, they can do it all!

Dana Caldwell began working at Essex Meadows in September 2015. Over the last 5+ years Dana has become known for his attention to detail and he is often requested by name when residents call to put in a work order. Art Reichenbach recently acknowledged Dana’s talents writing, “Upon rising, I broke an arm off an old wooden desk chair. I thought it was beyond repair, but Dana undertook a repair job which was terrific restoration. We are fortunate at EM to have staff, who go beyond their job description, like Dana who voluntarily makes life for us residents richer.” Dana has really left his mark on Essex Meadows with many refurbishment projects including the mailroom, the grand staircase and many others. He is also known by many residents and in the community for his artwork and carvings. Dana will be retiring this month and will be greatly missed by all. We wish him all the best and hope he gets some well-deserved rest!

Beginning his career at Essex Meadows in April of 2012, John Driscoll began working as a landscaper and eventually transitioned to work orders on the independent living side. When the position in the Health Center became available, John volunteered to move into the job and has taken full ownership of his duties there. Speaking of his impact on the Health Center Lori Hayden, Director of Nursing, stated “John is such an important member of the HC team. No task is impossible for him. Anything we ask for; he finds a way to get it done. From putting down new flooring to helping decorate our short term stay rehab rooms. He has a nice rapport with those residents who come to stay with us from the apartments or cottages. They remember the special things he would go out of his way to do for them when they were in their apartments. During the height of the pandemic, when we were receiving countless boxes of PPE, it fell to John to find places to store all of it for us. We feel very fortunate to have John in the HC.”
Everyone knows Ted for his friendly nature and attentiveness. Ted Francois joined our team in January of 2016. Since then, Ted has repaired more items than we could ever count. He tackles every job with precision and his dedication is unmatched. Ted often goes above and beyond the call of duty meticulously researching or looking for the right part for some of the tougher requests.

Ted has spent many hours in our hallways with the art committee hanging each piece as directed, a task which requires patience, diplomacy and endurance. Veronica and Margret Casey praised Ted for his recent work, “Ted did a fabulous job of repairing our laundry room wall. No one can tell where the two large holes used to be. The hallway wall looks terrific too!”

New Resident Marilyn Fall recently experienced how friendly and helpful Dave Gometz is after her move to Essex Meadows. “Dave was especially patient with me when hanging up tension rods for shears and curtains. He’s an all-around good guy!” The little gestures make the biggest impressions. Dave’s personality and attentiveness makes him well liked by the residents and staff. He is always the first to respond to any request for help and does so with enthusiasm. Dave has an extensive background in carpentry and building so is often tagged to help with larger projects like bus shed and generator. With us since July of 2018, we hope Dave never leaves!

We are very fortunate to have a work order crew of this caliber here at Essex Meadows. Their skillset is unmatched and their knowledge of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and more is immense. Tim Reynolds, the Maintenance Director, often remarks that we have all the skill needed to build an entire house right in our department! Their continued hard work and dedication help to make our community a great place to live and work.