Senior Wellness Program in Essex, CT

Feel Good — from the Inside Out

Health is about more than eating vegetables. Your entire lifestyle can serve your holistic wellbeing. Our senior wellness program in Essex, CT, incorporates multiple dimensions of fulfillment. At our community, you can design days to help you feel healthy and happy.

Feel Your Best

Find more time for connections and activities that make you truly content.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

While just about everyone can benefit from physical fitness, not everyone enjoys the same activities. That’s why Essex Meadows’ approach to wellness is personalized and holistic. We offer diverse exercise opportunities, from cardio and tai chi classes to nature hikes through The Preserve. You can design your own routine in our state-of-the-art fitness center or swim laps in the heated indoor saltwater pool. Maybe today you feel like playing a few rounds of golf — take a friend with you to our executive-length course. If you like, our trained team members will help design a personalized fitness plan for you. The more you can fit fitness into your life and suit it to your preferences, the more likely you’ll make regular exercise a wholesome habit.


Retirement is an opportune time to investigate old and new interests and challenge yourself in novel ways. Interesting speakers present on-site, and we offer access to classes through our Arts & Exploration series and The Great Courses. Residents form book clubs and host fascinating discussions. With a campus library available 24 hours a day, there’s no shortage of resources to grow your intellectual curiosity.


Emotional support may look different for each individual, but at Essex Meadows, we provide support for our residents to live with less stress and more confidence for the future. Maintenance-free living eliminates the stressors of homeownership. A continuum of care on-site means they don’t have to worry about many of life’s what-ifs. A licensed social worker is available to talk through challenging changes or transitions. Living at Essex Meadows means you have a team to support you through life’s uncertainty.


While you can enjoy as much alone time as you choose, one of the irrefutable benefits of community living is the ease with which residents can get together with friends and neighbors. Join friends for a cultural outing to Goodspeed Musicals or the Florence Griswold Museum. Share a meal, meet for a drink, join a club together — the options are as varied as the residents themselves. The strength afforded by good friends simply cannot be overstated.


Even in retirement, everyone wants to feel useful and productive. Living at Essex Meadows, you can find numerous opportunities to apply your talents and skills. Join or establish a club to pursue common interests with neighbors. Sit on a resident committee to make a direct impact on the community. Volunteer for local charities to improve our surrounding area in any number of ways.


Essex Meadows isn’t affiliated with any religion, but we do all we can to assist our residents who want to practice their faith. Beyond religion, we offer meditation to help residents connect with their inner selves. We are surrounded by the beauty of The Preserve, and we offer community gardens, so communing with the natural world is easy and rewarding.


Your surroundings have a strong impact on your wellbeing. People are more energized in a clean, beautiful setting. Our housekeeping and maintenance team members help ensure your satisfaction with the community you call home.

Health Care Services

Whether you need care for a specific condition or you would simply like a preventive screening, Essex Meadows offers a continuum of award-winning health care services right on campus. Our compassionate team members are ready to provide personalized attention.

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