Lifecare Community in Essex, CT

Lifecare Means Living with Confidence

Essex Meadows is the premier lifecare community in Essex, CT. Lifecare is a long-term residency agreement designed to remove uncertainty about your future. Under this agreement, active seniors move into independent living and are ensured priority access to higher levels of on-site senior care, including assisted living services, skilled nursing, senior rehabilitation, and hospice if your health needs change. Lifecare locks in prearranged rates that negate any worry over the rising costs of long-term care.

Within a lifecare agreement, an entrance payment guarantees a residence for life, and the monthly fee gives you access to all community amenities and services.

Ultimately, lifecare means peace of mind. It means you’ll never have to worry about what happens if you need more advanced care. Decisions become easier because you have the support of a comprehensive senior care team and access to the resources of a top-tier senior living community at your fingertips.

Investigate Lifecare

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