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“At your service…” Featuring Mary Meeks

Mary Meeks

“I hope Mary in the dining room gets the honor of having a full page being published about her as part of the “Little Things. Mary is the kindest, most patient and efficient person. She makes me feel good whenever I approach the podium. In a clam and considerate way, she runs a smooth operation.”
-Resident Nicole Logan

Mary Meeks lives in Ivoryton, just up the road, with her two dogs and her long-time partner, Tom. Mary has one daughter, Emma, who graduated from Valley High School, and American University in Washington, DC. Emma now lives in Kensington, Maryland with her boyfriend Tom, and her dog! Mary and Emma stay very close despite the distance.

When not at Essex Meadows, Mary loves to hike with her dogs in the local woodlands and swim at the local beaches.
Mary works in administration at the Apple Rehab in Old Saybrook. When her duties there are over for the day, she makes her way to Essex Meadows to manage the dining room as an Assistant Dining Room Manager.

Mary has a deep knowledge of how to combine the spirit and practices of hospitality, and the running of a complex dining system. She not only takes care of the podium during dinner hours, but visits most of the residents while they are enjoying their meals. Quick to solve difficult situations with a smile, she also makes sure that everyone is pleased with their dining experience Mary has a third sense of knowing when to step in and lend assistance to a server, before a situation arises.

Working at Essex Meadows for 10 years, she has become a critical and positive member of the Food & Beverage Team and a source of professional knowledge for the staff. Mary prides herself on attention to detail and a smooth-running organized dining room. We are very happy that she has been recognized by the residents for this award. We are looking forward to many more years with Mary leading the way to a successful dining experience.