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“Behind the Scenes Superstar”

Tom Mursko

Featuring Tom Mursko

Behind the scenes there are many great people who support our employees and residents here at Essex Meadows each and every day. Tom Mursko is one of those special people. Tom does not like a lot of fan fair; his comfort zone is in working behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight.

Despite the apprehension we were all having about coming into the office during the pandemic, Tom chose to come to work every day; he is committed to the success of our company and his dedication was second to none during some of our most difficult times.

With Tom’s 21 years of experience at Essex Meadows, he knows people’s work schedules almost by heart. When it comes to payroll, I think some days he could do it with his eyes closed. Tom is a numbers guy, and a good one at that. What better way to support our employees than to have someone like Tom, whose accuracy, payroll knowledge and eye for detail created such peace of mind for so many staff. Being paid and paid correctly – one less thing to worry about in our world of pandemic chaos.

Tom’s relationship and interactions with our residents is exceptional. He is kind, patient and always willing to work through any issues or concerns they may be having. Tom lent a listening ear when needed and engaged our residents in friendly banter over the phone, which provided them with some much-needed normalcy during a very stressful time in their lives. There were many special moments when Tom could be heard on the phone with our residents, lending a listening ear…making them laugh – just what they needed and just what they were looking for. He showed kindness and compassion every day.

Tom is truly an asset to Essex Meadows, and we truly appreciate all he has done. The little things he has done has meant so much to so many!