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Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

You’ve reached an age where freedom reigns. You’re untethered from responsibilities, and free time has blossomed. The world is your oyster; your life is a well-planned gem. But …

You’ve also reached an age where driving at night to, say, meet friends for dinner is daunting. Venturing to the store on a snowy day is more of an obstacle than it once was. And that dang house — the manse that once sheltered your family now has rooms that go unused. Stairs seem steeper, and costs pop up unexpectedly.

If any of this rings true, it may be time to consider independent living at a retirement community. This article will present the pros and cons of choosing a community like Essex Meadows, specifically the benefits of independent living.

The Pros of Independent Living at a Community like Essex Meadows

No more maintenance. You’ll never again have to deal with the large and small hassles of homeownership: a burned-out bulb, clogged drain, torn screen or faulty appliance — not to mention yard work and landscaping. At a community, we handle it all.

More independence. There’s a common misperception that moving to a retirement community will restrict a resident’s life. This is a myth. Consider the no-maintenance lifestyle. You’ll have more you-time to pursue whatever activities make you happiest.

Activities. So you’ve shed the burdens of homeownership. What will you do with your new free time? Anything you like, actually. At a high-quality community like Essex Meadows, you’ll be greeted every day with countless choices for activities — many organized by an activities director, while other pastimes are devised by resident groups or individuals.
Variety being the spice of life, an independent living community will offer a range of activities that benefit every aspect of wellness, stimulating your physical, intellectual, mental, social and spiritual self. The result is a more delightful life than most seniors experience at home.

Services and amenities. Residents at Essex Meadows enjoy on-campus advantages that make life pleasant and more convenient than living at home. A staff dedicated to hospitality, friendliness and residents’ safety makes every day more enjoyable. Not to be underestimated, you’ll enjoy healthy, tasty meals — prepared by a chef and served with a smile.

Fun. With so much going on at an independent living community, you’re bound to have more opportunities for socializing. Most activities are more fun with a companion. An occasion as simple as having coffee with a friend can brighten the rest of the day. At a community, many neighbors share interests or teach each other new skills. When so many studies cite isolation and loneliness as health risks among seniors, the social aspects of a community can literally be a lifesaver.

Care if you need it. Some communities offer independent living as well as access to a continuum of care, if you ever need it. At Essex Meadows, a lifecare community, this includes assisted living provided in your residence, plus skilled nursing and rehab therapies in the highly rated Health Center, located right on campus.

The Cons of an Independent Living Community

Spoiler: There aren’t any cons. But in an effort to be balanced, we offer this: While exploring senior living options, a person must decide if community living — with all the built-in services, conveniences and benefits — is right for them. It usually is.

Essex Meadows is a full-service lifecare community. We offer life-easing amenities, services and conveniences in a beautiful Essex, Connecticut, location. To learn more about independent living at Essex Meadows, contact us here.