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Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors

Happy seniors playing golf

Golf is a popular hobby among varied generations. People of all ages love hitting the links, but there are specific health benefits of golf for seniors. This low-intensity workout bolsters physical, social and mental health, making it a wonderful pastime to continue, rediscover or learn in retirement.

Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors

Physical Benefits

Walking a round of 18 holes is roughly equivalent to walking four miles and can burn more than 1,400 calories. Even riding in the cart for 18 holes, you can burn around 850 calories. Plus, with a proper stance, your swing and putt engage your core and stabilizing muscles. When considering the health benefits of golf for seniors, you can’t overlook the fact that the combined aerobic exertion and strength training can help improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Social Benefits

Most people prefer to golf with friends. If you’re taking up golf for the first time, you could meet new friends during a group lesson. If you’re already a practiced golfer, going for a round of golf allows you the time to bond with friends or family members. Many people grab a meal or a drink after playing the game, giving you more time to catch up.

Mental Benefits

Setting up a successful drive, putt, chip or fade means gauging the distance, the angles, and the necessary force required. And calculating everyone’s scores calls for ongoing math skills. Plus, as you get in the zone and concentrate on your game, golf can enhance your ability to focus and develop your patience. The inherent physical activity, combined with mental precision and fresh air, means a round of golf can release endorphins, the “feel good” hormone.

Remember Safety While You’re on the Links

Golf is fun, but to get the most benefits out of your game, prioritize safety before and while you’re on the golf course.

Hire a Teacher

If you’re learning golf for the first time or taking it up after a long hiatus, a professional instructor can help you learn or remember the proper techniques and course etiquette. The more you can avoid bad habits, the less likely you are to experience an injury as you’re learning.

Warm Up

Stretch your arms, shoulders and back before you tee off. And take a light walk to prepare your muscles for your trek across the golf course.

Prepare for the Sun

Golf games can last several hours, so make sure you’re as ready as you can be for the elements. Even on an overcast day, it’s important to wear a hat that shields your face, put on sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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