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Resident Health Services Superstars: Melanie Gordon and Carol Reed

Melanie Gordon

Melanie Gordon is a CNA that works in the Resident Health Services Department at Essex Meadows. Melanie is a caring, hardworking, compassionate, honest, fair, humble, and dedicated nurse’s aide. She has a calm demeanor and has been able to make connections with some of our more challenged residents by establishing a high level of trust. Her patience and optimism have allowed her to develop rapport with residents, families, and staff. Melanie is completely resident-focused and will do most anything for the residents. Recently, a resident shared that she requested Melanie to tell her a bedtime story to provide comfort as her mother did for her. Melanie did just that and the resident reported that it was very comforting. When one of our resident’s was seriously ill and hospitalized, Melanie was the first to sign up to care for the resident’s cat. Sadly, the resident passed away, and Melanie then took it upon herself to help the family with getting the cat adopted. Melanie is an unsung hero in the Resident Health Services Department. She always goes the extra mile to make residents happy or comfortable. Thank you, Melanie, for being such a supportive and exemplary team member of Essex Meadows.


Another amazing team member of the Resident Health Services department is Carol Reed. Carol is also a CNA and has recently changed moved to a full-time day position after many years of splitting her time working both day and evening shifts. Carol is a wealth of knowledge. She knows her residents and their families inside and out. Carol always goes the extra mile, and she anticipates the needs of her residents. She has a calm and gentle approach when speaking to residents creating trust and adding value to the Resident Health Services Department. Throughout the pandemic, Carol would frequently check in on residents that had a concern or fell ill without hesitation. Carol is an excellent communicator and is a mentor for new RHS staff. Carol has given great attention to detail in the care of residents on ALSA services, leading many to request her on a regular basis. When speaking with a current resident, the resident stated that, “Carol is my friend”. Carol is very much loved and valued by all that know her at Essex Meadows. Thank you, Carol for being you! We are grateful to have such a compassionate and supportive team member in the Resident Health Services Department.


“Carol and Melanie are the rocks of the RHS Dept. I know I can always count on them to get the job done and meet the needs of our residents with the utmost care and professionalism” – Emily Kelly, RHS Director