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Tips for Virtually Touring a Senior Living Community

Tips for Virtually Touring a Senior Living Community

Over the past year, COVID-19 has changed a lot of things including how we shop and socialize. However, there may be some changes worth keeping. Or at least adding into your routine. Like going on a senior living virtual tour before an in-person visit. Because we still need to make decisions about our future, virtual tours are a great way for prospective residents to get the information they need about a senior living community.

This blog post will look at how communities like Essex Meadows are using technology to help seniors like you make more informed decisions and questions you should consider when making any type of visit.

Online Research

For years, you’ve been able to research your senior living options online before ever stepping foot on campus. A community’s website can tell you about their lifestyle, the services they offer, their wellness philosophy, vision and history. But today there are more ways than ever to get an even better feel for a community’s lifestyle.

  • Galleries: You can look through community photos and videos to see their lifestyle, community, and health center to get to know their residents.
  • Facebook: For a behind-the-scenes look at the residents and staff who make up a community’s culture, be sure to check out their Facebook page. It’s also an easy way to see the types of social events they host and will help bring their activity calendar to life.
  • Testimonials: Here’s your chance to hear from residents about what they like about the community, their neighbors and the staff.
  • Video chat: Before touring a community, it’s important you get a feel for the people who work there. At Essex Meadows, we can conduct a virtual visit via Zoom to answer all your questions or give you a tour of our community.

Community Considerations

As you start your senior living virtual tours, here are some things to keep in mind:

What are you looking for? What are your needs and interests? What types of activities, amenities and services are most important to you? How important is the community’s location? Dining and cuisine are an important part of any tour. If you’re unable to eat on-site some communities can make special arrangements so you can try their food.

How is the community laid out? Do you want to live in a large or small community? How close are the types of residences you’d prefer to the amenities and services you like? For example, how close would you be to the dining room, cocktail lounge and coffee shop, art studio, indoor swimming pool or fitness center?

How does the community look? Whether touring in person or virtually, take note of how the common areas look. Are they popular with residents? If you can, ask the residents how they like the community.

What do you think of the staff? How does the staff interact with the residents? Do they know each other by name? If you can, ask staff members how long they’ve worked at the community.

Do they have long-term care options? What types of long-term care does the community offer on-site? How close is their health center to the independent living residences? What types of services and amenities does the health center offer? Are higher levels of care included in your independent living contract,  or are they available only at an additional charge?

Let’s Get Together: Virtually or In Person

Conditions continue to change rapidly. If you want to learn more about Essex Meadows, we’d be happy to schedule a video chat or socially distant in-person visit and show you around our 104-acre campus. You can also learn more about our lifestyle here.