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Susan Carpenter is Honored with the Prestigious LeadingAge CT Courage Ignited Award

We are delighted to announce that Susan Carpenter, Community Life Services Director at Essex Meadows, was honored with the prestigious LeadingAge CT Courage Ignited award on May 22, 2024. This accolade is a testament to Susan’s exceptional leadership, compassion, and unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of those around her.

Throughout the challenging years of the Covid pandemic, Susan’s composed and optimistic demeanor provided a source of comfort and strength to everyone within her community. Her ability to remain steadfast and positive during such trying times highlights her resilience and dedication.

In her role at Essex Meadows, Susan has been a beacon of innovation and care for over 20 years. She has created numberous programs and initiatives designed to foster a vibrant, inclusive and supportive environment for residents. Her efforts have significiantly enriched the lives of many, promoting a sense of belonging and purpose. Her work in enhancing the quality of life for residents across all dimensions of wellness is truly commendable. Susan’s impact extends far beyond her professional duties. She is activiety involved in various volunteer activites, demonstrating her dee-seated commitment to serving others. Her work with Simply Sharing Poverty Alleviation and her 21-year membership with the Rotary Club of Essex exemplify her dedication to community service. Additionally, Susna’s involvement with the Estuary Council of Seniors and the Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley highlights her passion for supporting vulnerable populations and promoting health and well-being among older adults.

The Courage Ignited award celebrates individuals who embody courage, resilience, and compassion. Susan Carpenters’s selflessness and devotion, whether in her professional role or as a loving mother, perfectly align with these values. Her tireless advocacy and compassionate care have touched countless lives, making her a deserving recipient of this honor.

We congratulate Susan Carpenter on this well-deserved recognition and thank her for her remarkable contributions to Essex Meadows and the broader community. Her leadership and compassion continue to inspire us all.