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The Little Things Featuring Robin Wilkinson

“Robin has always been an influential part of our food and beverage department. She took me under her wing fresh out of culinary school and taught me many things that I’ll forever be grateful for. I respect her professionalism, patience, and care that she shows to her coworkers.”
– Malissa Morin

We would like to introduce you to Robin Wilkinson. Robin has been working here since 1989, making it 35 years employed at Essex Meadows. She began at Essex Meadows as a prep cook, then

trained as a line cook, took on the role of Executive Chef, and now is in her current position as Daytime Kitchen Manager.

Robin starts her workday before sunrise. Her responsibilities include making the soup of the day, cooking breakfast for the Health Center, orchestrating her team on daily functions, and preparing food for the following day’s meals. Robin thoroughly enjoys working on special functions, especially the ones that are challenging and creative. Robin’s first culinary memory is at the age of five when she made a chocolate cake for her mom in her EZ Bake Oven; that is also when her creativity started. She added carrots to the chocolate cake because she remembered her mom saying vegetables were healthy.

Prior to working at Essex Meadows, Robin started her food service career in the Groton/Noank area at the Bootlegger and the Fisherman Restaurant. She started bussing tables but quickly realized she was best suited for the back of the house.
Robin enjoys spending time with her family and friends and tries to travel as often as she can. She especially enjoyed traveling to Delaware Beach and Arizona. When Robin was asked what advice, she would give to herself when she started at Essex Meadows, she replied, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and “Never be afraid of trying something new”. This advice came into play when she agreed to go solo skydiving.

Even as adventurous as she is, Robin doesn’t like to be the center of attention. She prefers to stay in the background, but this does not mean her years of dedication and hard work should be unrecognized. This is why Robin is receiving this well-deserved recognition of our appreciation as she is a big contributor to “The Little Things” that makes Essex Meadows so special.