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The Little Things – Hardworking Jack!

Written by Sarah Collin | Featuring Jack Bradbury

“In his quiet, efficient, and meticulous way, Jack Bradbury is a team member who can be counted on to carry out his landscaping duties with a sense of pride and leadership. Jack’s highly manicured pattern- mowed lawns are a shining example of his attention to detail. Thank you, Jack, for all you do to make Essex Meadows so inviting!”
– Kathleen Dess

Jack Bradbury spent his very early years in Guilford, CT with his parents, older brother who is currently a Coach and Teacher at Portland High School, and his younger sister who is currently attending Cheshire Academy. Jack and his family moved to Deep River when he was around five years old, and he has called it home ever since.
At an early age, Jack developed a keen interest in fishing and spent time fishing with his dad. Jack graduated from Valley Regional High School where he enjoyed playing basketball, weightlifting, and spending time with his close group of friends.
After high school, Jack tried his hands as a dishwasher at a few local restaurants. In 2017 family friend Mike Holden (our very own Mike from the turnover crew in the Maintenance Department) mentioned to Jack’s dad that Essex Meadows was hiring a utility worker and Jack immediately jumped at the opportunity.
Jack started at Essex Meadows as a utility worker in the kitchen on November 16th, 2017. During this time Jack had the opportunity to train some of his co-workers who are still here today! After some time in the kitchen, Jack decided it was time for a change of pace and change of work. He noticed a position open in the Plant Department for a groundskeeper and he immediately applied. Nervous that he had very little experience he threw his hat in the ring anyhow.
Jack came to the Grounds Department shy and intimidated by the size and responsibility that comes with a 106-acre retirement community with its own hiking trails and field ‘golf course’. Jack had never been on a tractor or Scag mower before, so it was all a learning experience from day one. With assistance from Jim Harring, Justin Wells (former grounds staff), and myself Jack had a crash course daily on equipment and its use.

Jack has been with the Grounds Department now for over five years. In that time Jack has learned to use the tractors, mowers, and trucks with plows. Jack takes great pride in mowing and trimming the front golf course. With Jack’s mowing confidence and attention to detail, he prefers to take new grounds staff under his wing to show them how to mow and trim properly. Jack describes the Grounds Department as: “the job that he has learned the most at.” He says: “I like my job; I like it here (Essex Meadows)”.
Jack has come a long way over the last five years. He is an integral part of the department, both residents and staff notice his hard work and dedication. Jack is respected and depended on in our department and is encouraged to continue to grow and learn.
Jack continues to fish, and he still enjoys spending time with his friends and working out during his free time. Jack admits that at this point in his life, he is learning to work on himself and find his niche in the world but hopes that Essex Meadows will continue to be his steady path where he can expand his landscape knowledge and continue to grow personally and professionally.