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The Little Things – “Have you Met, Brooke?”

Featuring Brooke Frey

“Brooke has been an amazing addition to Essex Meadows, she is a trusting and empathetic nurse with the skills to follow”
– Christina Durinick, RN, SALSA

Meet Brooke Frey, Licensed Practical Nurse dedicated to Resident Health Services.
Brooke joined the Essex Meadows team in October 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Brooke jumped right in and became a Resident Health Hero. Brooke displayed bravery and strength with dedication to resident health. She brought forward her “can do” attitude as the pandemic continued to evolve providing comfort and care to the residents.

Brooke maintains her positive attitude each day and is always willing to get it all done- and done well. Brooke is attentive, committed, and patient with her care. Brooke is an excellent communicator which is beneficial to the Health Care collaboration. Brooke is committed to the residents and team at Essex Meadows.

A caregiver by nature, she can be seen walking into the building with Donuts for the team on Fridays, in the hallways greeting residents and providing our furry friends with special treats. If she is not in the hallways of Essex Meadows, you can often find her on the phone advocating for our residents even if it requires calling multiple offices to get to a resolution.

Prior to joining the team at Essex Meadows, Brooke worked at a skilled nursing facility as an LPN for many years, and a doctor’s office maintaining her job at the skilled facility. Prior to becoming a nurse, Brooke worked in retail and as a nail technician, always wanting to follow her dream to be a nurse.

Brooke has two children a daughter Kieran (age 15), a son Killian (age 16), and two cats Winter and Peppermint. A fun fact about Brooke is that she and Christina Durinick have been friends since the first grade. When Brooke is not at work she loves spending time with her children, cooking, and baking. Brooke enjoys bird watching and volunteering for Cat Tails in her free time.