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The Little Things – “In It For The Long Haul!”

“Kim often goes above and beyond to make each resident feel comfortable. Due to Kim’s experience in the Health Center, she utilizes the handicap bathtub to provide a weekly tub experience for a resident that expressed having a tub as a dream. Kim exemplifies the hospitality promises by providing personalized care with her calm and respectful demeanor. Kim is an asset to the Essex Meadows community, and we are lucky to have such a passionate caregiver on our team.”
– Emily Kelly, RHS Director

Featuring Kim Bogan

35 years and counting – that’s Kim Bogan, our 2nd most tenured employee at Essex Meadows. Kim started working at Essex Meadows in December 1988. She was hired as a certified nurse’s aide for the Health Center where she worked for 33 of her 35 years. Kim transferred to Resident Health Services two years ago where she currently works as a CNA.

Kim was asked, “What do you like most about working at Essex Meadows?” She was answering the question before it was finished being asked, “The Residents!” She continued, “The residents are all so very nice. I love being around them. I also enjoy my co-workers as well as the entire staff. Everyone I come across is very nice. It is such a great group of people that work at Essex Meadows.”

What resident is most memorable to Kim? Brewster Perry. Kim took care of him in the Health Center. She said she would sit on the edge of his bed and just chat away. They would laugh and cry together during their discussions. One day, Brewster’s daughter Joanna was standing at the edge of the doorway (unbeknownst to Kim and Brewster). Joanna was watching them interact and noticed they were both crying. When Brewster caught sight of his daughter he said, “Oh don’t worry. Everything is fine. We are just having a good cry together.” Then they laughed it off.

How does Kim spend her time outside of Essex Meadows? The answer is lots of time gardening. Kim was quick to clarify, “Flowers, not anything else.” Kim resides locally with her daughter Caitlyn, age 19. Caitlyn is going to be a junior at Stonehill College this fall. She is doing very well in her studies and she even mentors’ other students in the subject of Biology. Kim is extremely proud of Caitlyn, as are the Essex Meadows family.

What advice would Kim give to a new employee just starting out here? “This is a great place to work. The residents are all so kind. All the benefits we receive are amazing. The Employee Appreciation and Scholarship program are truly remarkable. You can learn a lot from the people that have been here a long time. I would recommend observing, listening, and asking a lot of questions.”

A fun fact about Kim is when the previous Executive Director, Jennifer Rannestad got a new puppy (Rookie) in 2009, it was Kim that took him to the therapy dog classes. Rookie received his formal certification to be a therapy dog and Kim began taking him up to the Health Center to spend time with the residents.

Thank you, Kim, for being in it for the long haul at Essex Meadows!