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The Little Things – “JMD – Always at the Ready”

Featuring John Driscoll

“John has many talents and can do/build/repair anything. He is a magician at getting things to work. If we don’t know how something works, we just say John will figure it out.” – Lori Hayden, Director of Nursing

Meet John Driscoll, Maintenance Assistant dedicated to Essex Meadows Health Center.

John joined the Essex Meadows team in 2012 as a landscaper. After a few years working outside on the grounds, John switched over to the Maintenance Department. In 2016 John was assigned permanently to the Health Center where he spends his time to this day.

John is always at the ready for the residents in the Health Center. With the numerous comings and goings in and out of the Health Center, there is always something that needs to be done. Becky Freeman, Admission Coordinator/Social Worker stated “John is a real asset to Essex Meadows and especially the Health Center! He is always there when I need him, ready and willing to help fix any room issues, hang pictures, move furniture, and assist new residents’ families move their loved ones in and make the room their own! And he always does it with a great sense of humor, the residents and families love him!”

When asked, “Is there any resident that is most memorable to you over the 11 years you have worked here?” His answer was, “Leslie Schaffer. She was my savior! When I worked in landscaping she would come out and take care of the front circle. She would spend numerous hours each week doing all the clipping and trimming around the circle. Then I would come by and pick up the piles to be disposed of. Initially, there were a couple of other residents that helped her, but their dedication faded away, and Mrs. Schaffer continued to do all that work. She was amazing!”