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Signs It’s Time to Move to Independent Living

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Many have pondered this question for decades: When should I think about moving into independent living? The answer tends to vary depending upon who you ask. Some have been looking forward to relocating to a retirement community since they first left the safety of their parents’ home or college dormitory. And who could blame them? All the benefits and amenities of a Life Plan Community remind us of the exciting life of when we were younger: We have all the fun, and someone else tidies up.

Let us get to the point. If you’re contemplating  when to move to independent living , the answer is clear. Now’s the time. Yes, perhaps we are a tad biased, but we are not mistaken. Life is short. And when you have an opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle many only dream of, you should explore that advantage.


6 Signs It’s Time to Move to Independent Living


  1. You wish to never mow another lawn.
    Owning a home is still part of the American dream. But every home ages. The grass constantly  grows, the snow always returns, the gutters get clogged, things break. Smart seniors understand the value of their time and investments. They choose to live somewhere where someone else takes care of the maintenance.  
  2. You crave chef-prepared cuisine.
    One of the finest elements of modern senior living is the food. Not only does it taste amazing thanks to community chefs and nutritionists working together to create a menu that rivals many restaurants, but it’s even better because you didn’t have to lift a finger to cook it. Beyond the daily offerings, look for unexpected pleasures like a sampling of Connecticut wines and cheeses, afternoon tea with an assortment of finger sandwiches or a mid-winter social with gourmet hot chocolate. 
  3. You hunger for scholarly pursuits.
    What do you do when your chores are looked after for you? We suggest you take charge of your personal growth. And an independent living community is an impeccable environment in which to challenge yourself and expand your mind. It could be as simple as joining a resident-led club, enjoying the books and periodicals in the library or taking a class. You have the time. We have the programs. 
  4. You’re interested in broadening your social circles.
    Simply because you might live on your own doesn’t mean you want to live unattended. Retirement communities are full of opportunities to cultivate lifelong friends who share your interests, enjoy similar hobbies and offer new perspectives on life. Share a meal with someone you’ve only passed in the halls. Join a fitness class or book club and be challenged by your peers. 
  5. You yearn for a lifestyle few attain.
    Do you know the secret to living longer? Some believe that it’s moving to an independent living community. Perhaps they are on to something. Studies have shown that our longevity is decided by two things: 25% genetics and 75% lifestyle. Senior living is about living the good life, and that means finding a community where you can be yourself and enjoy every day. 
  6. You like to plan for all future contingencies.
    When should you move to independent living? When you still retain the energy and freedom to enjoy it. To maximize your retirement, choose a Life Plan Community like Essex Meadows. We offer various levels of care to ensure your needs are met now and in the future.  

Re-imagine your retirement right here at Essex Meadows.


Close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by 1,000 acres of nature. You’re sitting at the center of a group of friends, all smiling and laughing. This is the beauty of life at Essex Meadows. It’s a life where you’re free from worries and distractions. A life where you set the agenda or decide you don’t need an agenda at all. It’s the life you deserve and the one you can have. We would love to show you around; you can sample some of our chef-prepared fare, converse with future friends and see for yourself the life that awaits at our independent living community. Contact us today to schedule your visit.